Pineau des Charentes

Pineau des Charentes

    75cl - Pineau rosé François 1er



Raspberry & cherry fruit flavours add to the delicate sweetness of this round and well balanced Pineau rosé.
The rich and generous body is brought by the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, and the intense deep red color, by the Merlot grape.

Please note this wine is unfiltered. You may find some natural sediments at the bottom of the bottle.

Grape Varieties: 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot

Tasting Notes: Truffles, strawberries, honey and candied fruits aromas. On the palate you can experience a nice concentration of red and black fruits. The wine is round, sweet and rich, with a long finish of cooked fruits.

Service Suggestions: Serve it chilled at 11°C. Best serve on ice as an apetizer before the meal or to accompany a chocolate dessert or a fruit tart.


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