Alsace pasta - SPAETZLE 250g

Alsace pasta - SPAETZLE 250g





Grand'Mère spätzle: the pasta that makes a change from pasta!
Spätzle, like knepfle, are an Alsatian speciality that is a little different from other pastas, because they are made from a liquid mixture of eggs and durum wheat semolina that is passed through a colander into boiling water to be cooked. Thicker and more irregular in shape, this is "the pasta... that makes a change from pasta". Grand'Mère spätzle have an inimitable flavour: delicious served with fine foods such as game, fresh salmon or foie gras, this pasta is also surprisingly good in a gratin or topped with a knob of butter and some well-chosen mushrooms




The name “pasta of Alsace” is important, as it allows one to make the difference between Alsatian and Italian pasta. These are made of durum wheat semolina, whereas pasta of Alsace recipes include “7 fresh eggs per kilo of superior durum wheat semolina.”