Menu A - HKD 150/person

Menu A - HKD 150/person

    Home Made French Food 全部法國私房菜式 

    Order Monday to Friday during office hours | Minimum 3 days notice

    Menu includes delivery to the pier, cutlery, plates & napkins 套餐包括: 餐具及免費送貨服務到任何位於港島區的碼頭


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Carottes rapées

Grated carrots 酸醋胡蘿蔔絲 (冷盆)


Salade de riz au thon

Tuna rice salad 吞拿魚飯沙律


Quiche Lorraine

Ham, cheese and bacon tart 芝士火腿蛋批


Poulet rôti

Roasted chicken 燒雞肉



Brie cheese 法國布利牛奶軟芝士



Fresh bread 長法包


Quatre-quart Maison

Pound cake 法式牛油蛋糕